During this session, we looked into the process of animation and it’s use and validity in the classroom. We were given a brief to create an animation based on any idea that we could come up with. The following video is me and my groups animation.

After creating our animation, we had time to reflect upon what we had done and do we think we could use it in the classroom. The premise has many different applications which can be attached to it, for instance, the process of creating an animation is very cross-curricular, as it incorporates Art by the drawing and creating of the characters, props, etc. It also incorporates English as stories can be told through the use of the animation, and Computing can be used to record and document what the animation shows.

I could see that some children in the classroom may not want to take part in some sections of the process, for instance, one child may not feel that they are good in Art, but be better suited for the story writing process. When creating animations in the classroom these individuals must be taken into consideration when separating the children into groups.


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