School Experience ICT badge

Whilst on school experience I noticed that a lot of technology was integrated into the lessons themselves. An example of this was during guided reading where the children would log onto a website and complete questions based around a provided story. As well as this, the teacher used their interactive whiteboard every lesson. The teacher’s lessons were also carefully planned and structured to include the children engaging with the IWB e.g. Asking the children to write their answers on the board using the IWB’s pen.

Most classrooms had interactive whiteboards with the EYFS classroom having two! Whilst observing I noticed that this was useful as it meant the teacher can use one with one group of pupils while another group could use the other one wither by themselves or with a Teaching Assistant.

The school also had iPads and laptops available within the school, although I did notice that there wasn’t any computers apart from teacher’s in the classrooms themselves. However there was one ICT suite with about 15 computers in. As a class, the teacher led a group activity of creating their new challenges for ‘challenge time’ using the computer which was displayed on the Smart board. They knew where to click to change the colour and font and how to create shapes on smart notebook.


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